We are a veterinary consulting firm with a specialty in pig production business. Today, our main clients include pork producers, veterinarians, and companies associated with livestock markets in Japan. Our business style is founded on my personal belief: “Extension” function―namely the collation and dissemination of correct information based on scientific evidence―is essential for further development of the Japanese pig industry in future. Farm owners (finance/business), farm caretakers (management/husbandry), veterinarians (disease prevention/medication), and academic researchers (research/technology) should ideally be all connected in an organic manner as the industry. Based on this philosophy we work with clients and colleagues across Asia, North America, and Europe in addition to Japan. This multi-faceted approach based on this new concept as the business style has helped us to grow into a well-known and respected name in the industry.

When you work, you should deserve maximized quality of your life. Each individual has his/her own value on quality of life. As we look ahead to the future of the industry, we have a strong desire to transform the industry into the one with an environment in which every individual is able to achieve his/her quality of life including respective intellectual and cultural curiosity. We believe that the current Japanese swine industry has this potential to meet a range of diverse needs and values. We are certain that if individuals with a wide range of hopes, goals, and life visions actively choose to get into the industry, and it will continue to develop in new and exciting directions going forward. So, let’s join us in our industry. You will achieve quality of your life with us.

Satoshi Otake (President, DVM, Ph.D.)